Commercial Litigation

Disputes do not normally reach the level of possible litigation unless there is enough at stake for it to be worth the cost and risk of taking the matter to court. If a dispute reaches the level of possible litigation, a lot is at stake. If not handled properly, litigation can quickly undermine a business' bottom line. 

We represent individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and start-up corporations.  We know that when one of our clients has a litigation matter, the outcome is often personal and can make or break the future of the business enterprise.  We never forget who we represent and how important the case is to our clients. We practice throughout New Jersey in both state and federal court in a range of matters.  We also practice in all state and federal courts in New York.  Representative cases include litigation over breach of contract issues, non-payment, partner or shareholder disputes or breakups, employment disputes, corporate or limited liability company dissolution and other commercial disagreements. 

If you or your business has a litigation matter or question, contact us today at (201) 337-0646.   

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