Business Formation & Transactions


At Komsa Law Firm, we represent a wide variety of clients, including small to midsized businesses. We serve as general counsel to many of our business clients and as special counsel to clients in one or more of our practice areas or in connection with complex financial transactions. The goal of our firm is to serve our business clients by providing personal, efficient and effective service in order to further and improve the clients' business and take them to the next level. Whether you are an individual starting a new business venture or an existing business with multiple operations, we will take the time to understand your business and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.  Our comprehensive business law practice includes handling a wide variety of matters including:

Business Formation — Starting a business requires meticulous and comprehensive planning. Issues such as entity formation, corporate formality compliance, financial planning, tax implications and potential liabilities must be carefully considered when creating a business. Should one of these areas be overlooked, you could be faced with a host of problems long before your business is even up and running. Our firm handles all varieties of entity formation including partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.   

Advising & Consulting — We help our clients with matters of documentation and compliance to help them make business decisions that are legally sound and strategically beneficial. We can help you run your business in a way that supports your growth and minimizes your risks of litigation. 


Contracts — We assist our clients with drafting new contracts, reviewing existing contracts, reviewing breach of contract issues, and if necessary, litigating contract claims.  

Commercial real estate — We understand the importance of acquiring and managing the proper real estate. We assist clients with purchases, sales, commercial leases and related construction law matters. 

Dissolution & transfer— Whether you are undergoing a “business divorce”, dissolving your business, or selling your assets, there are legal and financial requirements that must be met to avoid liability and protect your interests.  

Insurance Issues — We assist our clients with any insurance issues that may arise in your business, including denial of claims.